Burn it, Cut it, Chuck it, Deconstruct it, Break the Law

Gasp!  This will be too terrifying for many parents to watch or even worse to consider.  So get out your bacterial hand gel, put on some safety glasses and watch this daring video with extreme caution.

Alternatively we could all be a little more daring in our lives.  We grow up consumed with fear, regret and negativity.   How many of us, with good intentions, download all of this neurosis onto our children.  Do we wrap them in protection and warning labels because we believe that is what is best for them or do we do it unconsciously because we’ve never stopped to consider another possibility.

Before we were afraid to make messes, laugh so hard we peed ourselves, giggled and tooted out loud and danced around the house totally naked do we remember how free we felt?  Go ahead laugh so hard you let it rip!  Get naked (and cover mirrors if you are self conscious) and dance.  Listen to that Brittany Spears or Black Eyed Peas Song you’re embarrassed to admit you really like.  Make a big mess and see how free life can feel.  Trust me your uptight partner will appreciate the levity and your playful partner will enjoy the break from the relentless and rigid life you’ve constrained them to.

If fire, spears, knives, destruction and driving are not things you want to share with your children then how about this.  Go outside in bathing suits with bottles of chocolate, marsh mellows and whipped cream and have a food fight with your children.  Want to keep away from the sugar then have a water or egg fight or water ballon fight or anything that gets you back to that playful, fun space in time where there were no problems and little fear because you had not yet forgotten how to live, to really live.

“Every Situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal….”  Course p398.

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8 thoughts on “Burn it, Cut it, Chuck it, Deconstruct it, Break the Law

  1. Marnie

    Are you spying on my brain? Needed to hear this very very badly today. Thank you!

    • Marnie the course says “We teach what we need to learn” so guess what I’ve been doing lately – Yep being uptight! So what helps you break out of tasks and to do lists and really play with Zach?

  2. lldonda

    Thanks for the video Larina, I didn’t have time to watch this whole video but I get what the speaker is trying to convey. And I have to agree. I don’t worry so much about my child falling off his bike and getting hurt. kids need to fall so they can learn to get back up and try again and persevere. And if my child wants to light a candle and play with the lighter while doing so, I let him. I’m there to watch out for him, not to restrict his curiosity. Society has a way of conforming our ways of thinking sometimes, as if we didn’t have any common sense as parents. Teaching from a place of fear is not how I want my child to learn about life.

    • Hi Laura: So other than candle lighting and once a upon a time chicken chasing what things do you find your son likes to do with you that generates lot’s of laughs?

  3. Leah

    This is an issue close to my heart lately. It can be hard to let go. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Leah ~ Well your a ray sunshine and that’s no easy task in freezing weather while in Poland. You are my inspiration. So what things do you do to stay playful in all that coldness?

    • Leah

      I really struggle with staying happy in the winter and this year I think I really failed. It was one of the grayest winters in years and I felt terrible for months. Next year I’ve vowed to be more active by ice skating more frequently and trying new sports like skiing. Also, I need to do the things I enjoy like going out for dinner and spending time with friends. Now that it’s spring things are much better and I’m much more active. We’ve been playing a lot of badminton and I’ve been walking a lot. I can say that I feel human again 🙂

      • So glad the sun has returned to thaw everything out. There are times in our life that outside forces have a greater effect on us. Glad you weathered the winter 🙂 Look forward to hearing more from you.

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