Trudge…. And Keep Going


Happiness is a choice.  Joy is a state.  We can change our state if we choose.  We can jump up right now and act silly.  We can take a nap. We can give ourselves permission to get really mad.  We can decide to hit the reset button.

Sometimes we are over taxed.  We are not meant to just ‘get happy’. We are tired.  There is a reason.  When we are tired it’s a sign that we must make a change.  Are we taking on too much?  Do we need to learn how to relax?  Do we need to learn to eat better?  When we are tired it is because we are out of balance.

Sometimes life’s inconveniences are greater than at other times.  This is why it’s so important to stay in good spiritual condition. If we are out of shape and a threat comes our way, protecting ourself will be exhausting.  If we stay in shape when things are good, then when a threat comes, we are ready.  Our spiritual condition works the same way.

When we are successful that is when it may be a challenge to be humble.  When we are down that is when it may be a challenge to be hopeful.  It is easy to get out of balance.  The key is to embrace a joyful state through all trials and tribulations.

The ego creates illusions.  If we dwell in our ego looking for fame, fortune, appreciation, satisfaction, happiness … then we will suffer. Our ego is entitled, defiant, self absorbed, self centered, selfish and all about me, me, me.  How can a life focused on ME serve YOU?  How can slavery to base needs create joy?  Is there not always the disease of more?

“In the mad world outside you nothing can be shared but only substituted, and sharing and substituting have nothing in common in reality.” Course In Miracles.

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2 thoughts on “Trudge…. And Keep Going

  1. Christine Hintze

    I enjoy reading your work. Very inspiring! 🙂

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