The Power of Acceptance


For a fighter acceptance feels more like defeat.  It’s a tough thing to embrace what ‘is’.  So we ask “why”.  Why would we ever waste time wondering why if we are not open to understanding another point of view?  This will surely keep us stuck.  We cannot move forward if we judge ‘what is’ as wrong and fail to recognize someone else’s point of view.  How does this change events?  How does this help us have peace?  How does this help us accept “what is” and formulate a plan of clarity to move forward?

“There’s so much grace in acceptance.  It’s not an easy concept, but if you embrace it, you’ll find more peace than you ever imagined.” – Loretta LaRoche

Grace is such a beautiful word.  It implies we are in ‘state’.  That we are joyful.  Can you imagine what it would be like to wait for a yes or no answer on a big decision? Now can you imagine that you decide ahead of time to thank the universe for the blessing you are about to receive?  This sounds outlandish but what if you wanted the answer to be no and it was yes or yes and it was no?  What if you decided that this lesson was picked for you to learn and experience personal growth; so whatever answer comes you will accept it as a gift?

These are higher concepts.  They are easy if you want your date to say yes and they say no but next week you meet the love of your life.  Then you can look back and think that ‘no’ was a blessing.  It is harder when you are ill and the doctor says yes you have cancer.  Is it possible by accepting this news as a gift for learning that you can heal your cancer?  Louis Hayes thought so and did just that.  She wrote a book  just for you “Heal Your Body” and “You Can Heal Your Life”.  It is also proven that a positive state will help someone heal and recover more quickly.

If we cannot change the outcome of something why would we choose to deny it’s reality with our false perception which we know will only lead to suffering?

Just how do we accept?  We decide to.  When we think “why me” we replace this with “why not me”.  Were we not born into a country that starves to death?  Then we realize that we are not singled out.  We decide to be thankful for what we do have.  For the health of our children.  If our children are sick, we are thankful for our own health to care for them.  If we are sick, we are thankful for the ability to have access to some of the best medical care in the world; billions are not so lucky.  In their way of thinking it is US who have hit the lottery.  

Can you now see there is always a different way of ‘seeing’.  It may not be easy.  It may be sad.  It may be hard.  It may seem unfair.  It may be painful.  You may suffer.  At some point it will be time to move on.  How will you choose to move forward?  Are you willing to see things differently?  Are you willing to accept what is?  It is ok if we do not change.  Life will continue.  We will stay suck.  We will suffer.  That is as always our choice.

“ONLY PERCEPTION CAN BE SICK, because perception can be WRONG.

Wrong perception is DISTORTED WILLING, which WANTS things to be as they are not.

The reality of EVERYTHING is totally harmless, because total harmlessness is the condition of its reality. It is also the condition of your awareness of its reality.

You do not have to SEEK reality. It will seek you and FIND you, WHEN YOU MEET ITS CONDITIONS.

Its conditions are part of WHAT IT IS.

And this part only is up to you. The rest is of Itself. You need do so little, because It is so powerful that your little part WILL bring the whole to you.

Accept, then, your little part, and let the whole be yours. Wholeness heals BECAUSE it is of mind.

– Course In Miracles.

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