Change The Story


We have the power to change our thoughts.  If our car is stolen we may think “this always happens to me, life is unfair” or we may think “people can’t be trusted, here is another example”. Another person may think “this is inconvenient, but things always work themselves out and this will to”.

What is the difference in each persons story?  The difference is whatever meaning they attach to this event will be more evidence of ‘their story’ about life.  Life is unfair, people can’t be trusted or alternatively; this is an inconvenience but things always work out.

This is how a girl with no legs became a champion gymnast.  She refused to attach the meaning of ‘handicapped’ to her condition. This is also why people with two legs stay stuck in their limiting beliefs and accomplish very little.  They have two legs, but feel life has wronged them, and so they create a mental handicap for themselves, based on their thought patterns.

We have a choice in how we view events in our life.  Some of us want to make up stories that life events are responsible for our unhappiness.  When an event happens, which they always do, we can attach meaning that takes away our good feelings because our thoughts will make it so.

If we think it, we create it.  What do you allow your mind to create?

Do you see the inconveniences in life as the reason to give away your happiness?  Are you creative and see events as opportunities to forge deeper understanding and relationships with others? Whatever you believe is true, will be true for you? So what will you choose to believe today?

If we say we want to be happy, but then allow small things to derail us, then we are stuck in an illogical state.  When we use statements like “I don’t want” we will just create more of what we don’t want. When we flip our thoughts to “what I want’ is and then stay true to our mission, we will create what we want.  If we choose to discipline our minds and be open to the possibility, although life can be inconvenient, I’m going to be happy; then happiness is what we will find.

Internal peace can only come when we decide that joy is possible; regardless of outside events.  We can only bring peace into the world when we are willing to let go of our old story.

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.” – Marianne Williamson.

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