Passion & Vision


Passion creates energy and attraction.  It builds and unites teams.  Passion with a vision can overcome great challenges.  Passion drills down on what matters and burns through obstacles.  Often people are attracted to energy and buy into visions.  Enough excitement can make the ordinary seem extraordinary.

“Passion is energy.  Feel the powers that come from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

When we have conflict some of us may think “I don’t have time for this”.  What if we think “this is the highest and best use of my time”?

Conflict gives us the opportunity to re-imagine our vision.

Ever notice in the middle of chaos, that’s when conflict seems to percolate.  The kids melt down during an important phone call.  Company teams are at odds before an important deadline.  Interoffice conflict escalates, just when everyone is spread their thinnest.

Conflict allows latent issues to come to the surface.  This process allows for resolution, if we are willing to embrace it.  When we have a vision but lack passion, when issues arise, we may fizzle out and allow them to overcloud the process.  When passion is present, and vision is absent, then we bounce around in disorganization.

If conflict arises without any understanding of why, then we may miss a great opportunity.  What if our why is because we value relationships?  If we stop and take time to tend to our children, when it’s most inconvenient, then no matter what the resolution, we create a deeper bond with our family.  The same applies with our spouses.  We push them aside to handle a heavy work schedule, and just when we then think we are on empty, they request our attention.  What if we made time for them?  What if we stopped what we were doing just long enough to convey how important they are to us.

It’s a Monday holiday and an email comes over requesting attention right as I’m writing this blog.  My thoughts are about my family, my three children, my ability to unplug and have some much needed down time.  Had I not been in the middle of writing on this very topic, it’s a coin flip if I would have set the request aside or tackled it head on.

Why I do what I do each day is to grow as a person.  My intent shows up in my work, with my husband, our children and in my own inner state.

What if my why was to be “right”?  What would my energy levels look like? What would my relationships look like?

What if my why was to get recognition from my work? How would that impact my relationships with my family?  How would that impact my own mental health?  Would my moods ebb and flow with recognition? Would by identity be tied to my position and my value to my checking account?

Instead when my why is to grow and learn, then every conflict and every difficult person is an opportunity for me to grow and evolve.  Sometimes I fail.  That is different than giving up.  If our why is giving up that will also be reflected in our lives and in our work.  It will be seen all around us.  What does your world say about your why? What is your vision?  What gives you passion?

Stop talking about it and start being it.  “Being” the vision you hold for your life by your actions; not thoughts, beliefs, ideals or ideas but by living it in every small action throughout your day!

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