Be Audacious

image“To be bold, daring and fearless especially in challenging assumptions or convictions”.

My children burst out the door to greet me ‘mommy you’re home!’  Their emotions run free!  So often in business the sentiment to ‘keep emotion out’ is culturally instituted.

That is probably why I’ve gravitated toward sales.  Belief and the ability to convey that belief draw in new business.  Emotions – passion – enthusiasm – energy – are the driving force of most successful companies!

‘Emotional’ does not mean ‘irrational’ and often in business the two are confused.  Logic can only take us so far.  In fact, studies have shown without the ability to feel we are unable to make decisions!

Think if those audacious companies, Apple, Google and Zappos!  They broke barriers in the market place.  They relentlessly pursued what others didn’t even think about as a possibility.

Be bold.  It’s risky.  Some people may not like it.  When you smash goals they may still say good job but can you tone it down!  Turn it up!  Keep it turned up.  Keep passing the competition.  They won’t understand how the audaciousness to question assumptions, to break with stats-quo are exactly what led to your success.

Let them stay baffled and confused as you crush them time and again in the market place!  Take risks, think outside the box, push the boundaries of what others think is possible.

Look at Steve Jobs.  Even after he did this, a fearful board fired him!  They thought good enough should be protected.  They failed.  Good enough only works if you have a monopoly.  Eventually someone audacious enough to do more will kick your ass in the market place.

Normal is the setting on a washing machine!  I want to be more than a setting on a washing machine!  Do you?

History is filled with audaciousness!  Normal is not.  Sitting by without emotion does not create radical change!  While it may be safe or protect some jobs, ultimately it crushes innovation and stifles innovators.

“One of the great things about young entrepreneurs is that they don’t know that something can’t be done. So they try something that’s so audacious and usually end up pulling it off.” – Fred Wilson


















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