“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it,” Kung Fu Panda.

What happens when our life is turned upside down?  When we work so hard to take one path in life, and seemingly outside forces work to send us on another.  Is it possible we sent a signal that a change is necessary?  Is it possible our energy field is like a magnet; we either repel, or attract, based on the ‘charge’ of our thinking?

What if we magnetize our thoughts with negative charges?  What do we attract?  In the law of matter, we learn that an imbalance in negative and positive charges will create ‘static’. Is it possible we create our own static?

I had a plan.  I thought I wanted a particular life or lifestyle.   I focused all intent and decision making toward that ‘plan’.  I was not happy.  I knew deep down I was not happy. Yet it was ‘the plan’ and it did not occur to me to change courses.  Yet something deep inside of me wanted to change course; which only later in life did I begin to discover and understand.  I did not realize that ‘my plan’ was limiting and debilitating.

Then things radically shifted.  The major shift caused a disruptive change in my life; in my plan.  I was terrified.  It was painful.  It was very public. For a time I felt like a victim of circumstance, as though life had happened to me, and an injustice had been perpetuated.

This is where it seems many people stay stuck.   It is hard to push through those feelings of defeat and forge ahead.  It takes a lot of commitment.  It takes hard work.  It takes a lot of acceptance to let go of what ‘was’ or what we believe ‘should be’ and accept ‘what is’.  It is not easy to reinvent oneself and that is why so many of us fall victim to limiting behaviors and beliefs over and over.

I have come to accept for me, those limiting beliefs are there at all times.  That it takes daily vigilance to stay in the positive flow of life.  Some days the best I can manage is to limit my interaction with others when I have those tough days.  Other days I am able to spread good cheer.

If my thinking has a ‘charge’ then that means my interactions with others do as well.  I was in a place with people that like to stay stuck.  They like to believe life is happening to them and they looked for someone else to blame.  I make every effort to focus my energy on what I can change about me. Making “them wrong” never led to happiness or positive change in my life.  They may well be dead wrong. Yet that does not matter if my choice is to grow and move on.

I want to grow each day.  I want to embrace what is before me and learn to enjoy this moment.  As a result I have much greater inner peace.  I am rarely depressed anymore. Anger is a fleeting emotion; instead of a comfortable robe one slips into when they need a good friend.

If we are the creators of our own magnetic force then what what can we manifest in our life?  What disruptive change can propel us into a new plan?  What possibilities are we open to today?



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One thought on “Manifest

  1. Charlie Turner

    Which is another way of saying, ‘We defeat our fears by facing them’.

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