Larina Hintze’s Story

Larina believes we all have creative minds and that we are powerful beings that often forget how magnificent we are.  This temporary forgetting is grounded in fear.  When we remember how remarkable we are, we open up a world of possibility.  When we are afraid, we use our mind to mis-create which causes pain and suffering.

In order to expand our consciousness beyond pain and suffering, all we have to do is wake up to our true purpose, which is to create.

Larina uses a variety of techniques she has learned over the past 25 years to spark your internal imagination of who you believe you want to become.  It is her belief that once you have a desire to change, then you are open to changing your thoughts, and that your thinking is the only limitation you really have; when it’s grounded in fear.  Anger is a great defense to fear.  Many of Larina’s clients come to her because they are angry, depressed, exhausted, stuck, frustrated and ready to change.

Larina has helped small children, teenagers, parents of small children, parents of teenagers, couples and individuals.  Larina’s clients learn how to communicate their wants so their counter part can hear, how to break out of old patterns, and the tools to redirect their thoughts in a creative and more fulfilling way .

Larina’s techniques are simple to understand and take a conscious effort to apply. Larina’s desire for deep understanding of the human mind and its condition is a result of her own personal journey through many of the limiting behaviors fear creates.

Larina continues to receive mentoring and tools from a multitude of sources because she believes that if we could take this journey alone we would have done it already.  She believes the best way to expand consciousness is to share breakthroughs with others. As many teachings express in some form “search for the light, become the light and share the light.”

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