Hire Larina

Post any question (anonymously if you like) and Larina will be happy to share her insight. This service is free. If you find this service valuable then contact Larina for a private session.  The first Session is always FREE.

Fee Schedule

Contact Larina for more information on FREE Sessions or longer term pricing.

Personal Sessions

Through question based inquiry and reflective listening, Larina will reflect back the language you use to create your life.  By becoming aware of the language you use, you will be able to identify areas of your life where you are stuck.  These areas are often referred to as our shadow self, blinds spots or our unconscious.

Once you bring awareness to these areas of your life, you can begin to shift them by creating a declaration of the new state you would like to achieve.

You will begin to identify, and therefore be able to break out of, circuitous thinking patterns that keep you stuck.  You will learn how to be aware of these “stories aka old tapes” and how they have been running in the background of your life.  These thought patterns are determining the trajectory of your life.

What you can create in your life

A joyful state.

Communication with your spouse that creates closeness.

Effective parenting techniques that create happier children and the results you are looking for.

A calmer state.

A mindful approach to creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Tools to end your suffering, depression, anxiety and fear.

Nutritional tips and resources to identify the underlying issues to your fatigue.



2 thoughts on “Hire Larina

  1. sarah schultz

    love your blog!! found it doing a google search for being spiritual with one’s own family. i wonder, how would G-d (or whichever being one believes in), explain all the horrific events of late? tornadoes, school massacres, and everything else. how can that be explained, especially to one’s own children??? thank you!!

    • Sarah:

      That’s a great question. What is your frame of reference? What do you believe? The answer would depend on your own personal belief. So perhaps the question reveals that you are having a question about your beliefs? If we are unsure about how we feel then we will not be able to confidently explain this to our children. Don’t worry though! This could be a great opportunity to learn more about what our children think. We can ask them “well what do you think this means?” We may be surprised by their answers and may learn a great deal more from them than we could have anticipated. For example, we were out one night and an angry women shouted “Jesus saves” in my face. I said “thank you for being here but my children and I believe” (note I did not say what….). Instead of accepting this she started shouting “well you better believe the right way or else your children will burn in hell and it’s all your fault!” My children were 6, 5 and 3 at the time. They all huddled close to me in fear so I walked briskly and said “you are scaring my children, have a nice night”. Madison, 6, looked up at me and said “mommy that women was scary why would anyone want to believe in her God?”. This led to a discussion about God. I have two girls and a boy. They all have a different opinion of how things work and I’m comfortable they have their own thoughts about things. In some families this would not work. So it’s important for me to understand more about what works in your family in order to give a thoughtful answer. Here are some other things to consider. Do we suffer because we attach labels? This is good. This is bad. This is wrong. This is right. If we drop the labels and the attachments would we suffer less? What if we saw things as this “is”? This is how it’s always been; the sun has come up every day. What if we admit to our children that we do not have all the answers? Would we feel comfortable asking them what they think? Are we comfortable giving them different ideas some of which may not be our own? What if we shared with them ideas like “People live in dangerous areas. Some people know tornados come through their homes but they do not want to move. Some people are afraid to move or think it won’t happen to them. Some people can’t afford to move. Sometimes people make great choices and nature is just doing it’s thing. Why does nature suddenly do these things? We don’t know all those answers.” Other questions we may get are why did daddy leave? Why did mommy die? Why did I almost die? Why did we lose all our money? These all have different answers for different people. What does God have to do with it? Why does God allow this? One answer may be if we are free will beings, which we may or may not be, how would interfering with our free will allow us choice? How will we ‘experience’? I can tell you the water is warm, the bath is soothing, the bubbles tingle. You may understand or imagine what I am talking about. You can not however ‘experience’ these situations without doing them yourself. Someone at some point had to ‘sin’ in order for us to learn the error of their way. So even ‘sin’ is for learning; if we allow ourselves to learn. Why does God or the source allow sin? Can you control your spouse and make them do the ‘right’ thing even when you see what they are doing is ineffective? What about you? Can someone stop you when your mind is set? Would you resent their interference? These are questions when considered lead to understanding. These are ways to help our children understand. These our questions we could ask our children in different ways depending on their age. When we ask these questions we do not judge, we attempt to understand and that brings us all closer together. These are examples of questions and directions we can follow. In order to continue our discussion I would encourage you to respond with some thoughts or questions on what I’ve written so far or more about your particular situation. You may leave them here or email me at Larina@AskLarina.com. Let’s keep exploring, look forward to hearing from you and thank you for a wonderful opportunity.

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